Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Torture.....Make It Stop!!!!!

Warm up

Samson Stretch 5 ea leg
Overhead Squats 5 reps 65lbs
Situps - 15 reps
Back Extensions - 10 reps
Dips - 5 reps
Pullups -5 reps

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 pyramid down

Thrusters 65lbs
Pull ups
Knees to Elbows

Time: 35:02

I really suck at pullups I know I've said that before but I still suck. I can do about 10-15 but that's about it. The first 21 reps whooped my a$$ so I decided to scale and instead of pyramiding down by 3 I went by 6 which is why some of the reps are in red, they are the ones I didn't do. Additionally the pullups and knees to elbows were tearing up my callouses on my hands so by 3 reps I'd had enough. I'd hate to see what my hands would have looked like if I'd done all the reps.

In case you didn't know what the knees to elbows are here it is. Oh yeah the girl in the video is smoking hot too!


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