Monday, December 14, 2009

New Kicks

I retired my current pair of running shoes today, a pair of Zoot Ultra Tempo+ triathlon shoes. I had used them for my race shoes for most of the summer and then when my regular running shoes were retired used them for my daily runners. I probably put 300+ miles on them that included two half Ironman races, 2 Olympic Distance races, a Marathon and a Half Marathon. They were a great shoe for summertime racing and running, lightweight, elastic laces, sockless wear, anti-microbial lining (that means they don't stink) and drain holes that lets the sweat drip away through the sole (the only draw back is that works in reverse too when it's wet out). I'll definitely be buying another pair for race season next year.

The new shoes I got are Nike Impax Contain, an update over the Impax Torrent's that I've had about 5 or 6 pairs of. They are pretty much the only style of Nike's I'll buy anymore. Even though they are great right out of the box, I do add a pair of reflective elastic lace YankZ that make for easy transition if I'm racing and keep me from having to worrying about the laces coming undone.


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